Our courses do a deep dive into health and disease through a Lifestyle Medicine lens. They take place over several weeks and are led by Dr. Eakin and Annalee. Currently we are offering a course on Culinary Medicine.


Culinary Medicine

This 8-week course allows you to take control of your health. Decades of high-level evidence has demonstrated that the food with which we nourish our bodies is more important for maintaining health and preventing disease than many modern-day medical treatments and interventions. Culinary medicine utilizes this knowledge to leverage diet for short- and long-term health.

During this course you will:

Learn about the connection between diet and disease, and why healthy eating does not need to be expensive, time-consuming, or complicated


Be instructed in healthy cooking techniques and learn new recipes

Eat delicious and nutritious food

Build friendships

Share stories and exchange real-world tips and tricks for implementing and/or sustaining a whole food, plant-based diet

Learn how to overcome some of the most common obstacles that arise when eating healthfully, such as how to order when eating out, navigating social situations, eating healthy on a budget, and maintaining a healthy diet while traveling

Cost: $200.00


  • 8 weeks of meal planning

  • Educational materials

  • Delicious food served each week

  • Point-of-care lab testing (cholesterol and blood sugar) at beginning and end (additional $30 fee)

This course is open to anyone and is cash-pay only (not billed to insurance). Enroll with a spouse or a friend and learn together!





NOTE: This course will be temporarily unavailable until social distancing measures are no longer necessary.